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Initially, Ideal had provided a cover cleaning service to various Nottingham Building Society sites throughout their portfolio of buildings as and when required. Earlier this year at very short notice Ideal were asked to take over the full routine service to over 60 Branch locations across the East Midlands and Lincolnshire and into Staffordshire and South Yorkshire. Ideal’s management team mobilised extremely quickly to achieve a smooth transfer of the services for Nottingham Building Society and to successfully transfer staff under TUPE into Ideal’s employment.

When Ideal took over the cleaning services they immediately implemented a cost reduction regime for Nottingham Building Society, tailoring the service to meet the actual needs of each branch and this review is on-going, identifying possible changes to cleaning routines, methods and frequencies in order to ensure we are providing the most efficient and cost effective quality service, managed by Ideal to best meet the Building Society’s needs.

Ideal’s ethos is to provide a quality service through the professional management, supervision and support of the cleaning operatives and Ideal’s operations teams went straight to work ensuring cleaning staff were re-trained to Ideal’s methodologies, that they were provided with the correct materials, equipment and support and that standards and cleaning quality were improved. 

Working in a transparent and collaborative way with Nottingham Building Society, Ideal reviewed the service levels across all the sites to ensure the service and cleaning time provided met Nottingham Building Society’s actual requirements, rather than just matching the historic provision, and that their best interests were served. This has resulted in a more cost effective and efficient cleaning service across the portfolio of offices and branches.

Within three weeks of taking over the service, the UK went into Lockdown in response to the coronavirus pandemic.  Ideal revised its policies and procedures, in line with the available information from the Government, NHS and World Health Organisation. Ideal issued general guidance, Risk Assessments and information on Covid-19 and new methodologies and Touch Point Disinfection to all employees and clients across the business.

The majority of The Nottingham’s branches remained open for business throughout the lockdown and as elsewhere Ideal re-trained its staff to focus cleaning duties to concentrate on the disinfection of Touch Points and surfaces to reduce the risk of the virus being spread.

Ideal also provided Nottingham Building Society team members with information and guidance on Covid-19 as part of the safe use of disinfectant sprays so that they could continue to clean Touch Points and surfaces throughout the working day, further reducing the risk of spreading the virus.

The Covid-19 pandemic has presented businesses with exceptional challenges but Ideal has worked with Nottingham Building Society and its other customers to provide a safe working environment for those who have worked through the lockdown. Where there have been confirmed or suspected cases of Covid-19, or where clients need to reassure staff and customers, Ideal’s Industrial Division is able to provide full building disinfection using specialist Steri-Fogging techniques. This technique employs a sterilising mist to disinfect the air and all surfaces within a workspace, without damaging furnishings, carpets or computers.

As lockdown relaxes, hygiene remains a critical concern with anti Covid-19 measures still in place. Following the publication of the Governments ‘Plan to rebuild/Covid-19 recovery Strategy’ on the 11th May 2020, Ideal re-issued amended guidance to staff and customers on Covid-19 Risk Assessments, Toolbox talks and the wearing of Face Masks and Coverings. Ideal will continue to review the situation for Nottingham Building Society and its other clients to ensure all practical measures are being taken to make premises Covid-Secure.

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