Operative scans the barcode

When arriving on site our operative will scan the barcode on site to link the work done to your site.

Carry out the work

The works can now be carried out by our Operatives and the results will be noted in to the app ready to SYNC.


After all work has been complete the Operative can sync and publish their work to the dashboard for the customer to see.


This is the access the client has to the results, it shows all that they require and can be personalised to show more or less depending upon request.


Even though, this is a new technology for us at Ideal cleaning we are proud to be bringing the company forward into the future. We started using ZetaSafe in 2017 and with the determination of our Supervisors and operatives we have been able to successfully deploy it though-out our DOC, Housing Association and Industrial contracts.

We deliver all the information, collected by scanning barcodes on site, and entrust our trained Operatives to complete the forms on their devices as effectively as possible. Photographic reports can also be supplied along with dashboards which the customer can assess and managing as they please. 


Ideal quickly moved to improve cleaning standards, operatives uniform standards, PPE and safety standards and documentation. The cleaning team are now smarter and more responsive, management efficiency is improved and new and better working practices are being adopted daily.

Vic Hammond – Guilford Performance Textiles (Europe) Ltd


Who uses the Zetasafe system when we start the contract?

In short, both us and the customer. The recording of information will be a full sorted services by our Supervisors and our Operative staff. Our supervisors will use the app to record audit data. In a similar fashion, our Operational staff use the app to record the operational tasks they have complete on their visit.

On the other hand, the customer can access the recorded data by going through the dashboard. This is a 24/7 services which allows the client to always see scores and information recorded about their site. Reports will also be given on a scheduled basis.

What is the point in ZetaSafe?

ZetaSafe was originally designed and created to be used as a Legionella Systems Control Application and still is being used as such in our Industrial department, to find our more about how we use ZetaSafe for Legionella Control call us (0115 913 2222, option 6) and speak to our Industrial department. They can then give you all the information you require.

In terms Commercial Cleaning, it has taken some manipulation and editing in order to get it set the application up to work and record information effectively. Recording the information this way has some major positives. Firstly, it backs up all the data as soon as the user syncs their device meaning it is less likely that we lose information and secondly it allows us to be more transparent with our clients showing all information recorded as soon as its recorded.

Will ZetaSafe be included in the contract price?

Yes – Ideal’s pricing includes the supply and maintenance of all the necessary; equipment, materials and chemicals required by the cleaning operatives to fully perform their duties. This will include the ZetaSafe system and service.

It does not include ‘Consumables’ – by which we mean things like Paper Towels, Liquid Soap, Toilet Rolls and Refuse Sacks. These are available from Ideal but are separate from the main contract price.

How do I know that I can trust Ideal to provide a reliable service?

Established in 1946, we remain family-owned with four generations of experience and investment in the cleaning industry. We operate and conduct our business in an ethical and transparent way. Ideal’s overarching approach ensures we make every effort to manage required services on behalf of our clients providing; cost-effective, added value and improved services.

Ideal’s senior management take an active role in the set-up and ongoing development of the service. We meet (and often exceed) our customer’s needs and expectations through; structured contract management and supervision, strong family values, well trained motivated staff, quality goals and customer partnership approach.

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How can we access the dashboard?

In order to access the dashboard, clients will have been given a username and password which they can enter in the below site to see all their recorded.

If you have forgotten your Username and Password. Please Call us on 0115 913 2222. We will put you through to our IT department who can sort you out with a new password and help with any ZetaSafe enquires.

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