Legionella Control Association registered company


Site surveys and risk assessments for Legionella control


Cleaning and disinfection of cooling tower and tank-fed water systems


Refurbishment of cooling towers, tanks and water systems


Specialist coating of tanks, bunds and cooling towers


We are an LCA registered company and regularly audited/assessed by them for complaince with their code of conduct for services provided and the service standards for those legionella control services for which we are registered.

The Management Systems we have developed and our compilance witht he code of service standards means we are well placed to assist clients in controlling the legionella risk assosiated with their water systems.

Please click here to see the LCA Code of Conduct for members.

Whilst in the past the contract managers have left us in the lurch somewhat and not kept in contact, Ideal provide us with everything we need in the way that we like.

Andrew Douglas – EnServe Group Limited 


What type of premises do Ideal clean?

We are a Business to Business provider. We have two divisions: Office and Commercial Cleaning (providing regular routine cleaning services for Offices, Workplaces, the Retail Sector, GP and Dental Surgeries, Showrooms, Social Housing Communal Areas and the like) and a Specialist Industrial Division (providing specialist cleaning to industrial environments, at height, in enclosed spaces, to production lines and machinery, the removal of bulk waste products using MOVAC Vacuum Tankers and the provision of Legionella Control Services – We are a LCA register Company).

Can you give me a quote over the phone or by email?

We can – but this would only be an ‘indicative quote’ or estimate and would be subject to an actual site survey by one of our Field Sales representatives.

A full site survey is the best way to accurately quote for your cleaning needs and allows us the opportunity to discuss your requirements with you in detail.

Will cleaning equipment and materials be included in the contract price?

Yes – Ideal’s pricing includes the supply and maintenance of all the necessary; equipment, materials and chemicals required by the cleaning operatives to fully perform their duties.

It does not include ‘Consumables’ – by which we mean things like Paper Towels, Liquid Soap, Toilet Rolls and Refuse Sacks. These are available from Ideal but are separate from the main contract price.

How do I know that I can trust Ideal to provide a reliable service?

Established in 1946, we remain family-owned with four generations of experience and investment in the cleaning industry. We operate and conduct our business in an ethical and transparent way. Ideal’s overarching approach ensures we make every effort to manage required services on behalf of our clients providing; cost-effective, added value and improved services.

Ideal’s senior management take an active role in the set-up and ongoing development of the service. We meet (and often exceed) our customer’s needs and expectations through; structured contract management and supervision, strong family values, well trained motivated staff, quality goals and customer partnership approach.

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How long would we have to ‘sign up’ for Ideal's services?

We have rolling contracts, there’s no minimum or fixed term. To end an agreement, just three months notice is required by either party.

We review programmes to ensure the best value for money for your needs, and our prices are reviewed in line with statutory pay increases.

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