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August 2023

Ideal’s Journey To Become Environmentally Friendly

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Ideal Services Group take environmental responsibilities very seriously and our Environmental Management System is accredited to ISO 14001:2015.

The aim for the reduction of our environmental impact is to encourage our customers to use eco-friendly chemicals and use eco-friendly procedures to prevent unnecessary waste.

Reducing Emissions –

As individual vehicles in our fleet come due for replacement, we are transitioning to all electric vehicles where possible.

The company fleet currently boasts 6 EV’s and a large number of hybrids vehicles. Where older commercial vehicles are still in use these meet Euro 6 Emission Standards.

These also will then be replaced by electric vehicles.  

What will ideal do?

  1. We are currently in the process of trying to get all of our staff trained on TimeGate.
  2. We will try to use less paper within the business
  3. We will eventually switch all of our company vehicles to electric.
  4. We will continue to recycle and reuse wherever possible.

Plus, many more. For more information check out our Environment Policy.

With that being said, when we’re cleaning at your premises you can be rest assured that we’re using a range of cleaning materials and chemicals balanced for effective cleaning and environmental friendliness.

All the paper products (from Toilet Rolls to Hand towels and Centrefeed Rolls) we use or supply to customers are made from 100% Recycled fibre and are FSC Certified. As well as this, all our refuse sacks are a made with a minimum of 98%recycled LDPE.

Love to breathe, save the trees. Save the Earth, Save Yourselves. Think green. Be green.

Life At Ideal – Amanda Kiddy

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Who is Amanda Kiddy?

Amanda is a MASSIVE part of the ideal community here at Nottingham. Amanda has been with Ideal for a whopping 25 years and is now part of the Ideal Furniture.  

Amanda Joined Ideal

On the 5th of October 1998 Amanda joined ideal as a cleaner for the head office.

Her first day at ideal was very nerve racking, she didn’t want to speak to anyone as she was very shy. She was that shy she would always try to hideaway from people.

Amanda was that reserved and quiet that 8 months into the job the area supervisor that hired her said that he didn’t expect her to last a week. 25 years later Amanda is still working at Ideal in the same job she started in 25 years ago. Amanda now cleans for the boss Dennis Dring and Jenny at their house.

Amanda’s time at Ideal

Amanda says she loves cleaning at Dennis and Jenny’s house because they don’t treat her as staff but as family!

Amanda has been with ideal through a lot of changes such as seeing the office expand and change, the departments getting bigger and staff expanding!

Changes Amanda’s Seen

The biggest change Amanda said that she has seen is the old staff leaving and new staff coming. Amanda says that she remembers Chris and Adam Dring being little and now feels proud to see them both part of the management board.

Amanda feels very lucky to have worked with some amazing people that are now no longer here with us today such as Richard Taylor, Jenny Taylor and of course David Dring who she had an excellent relationship with!

Ideal are very lucky to have gained someone like Amanda. Amanda is not the same person she was when she walked into the ideal doors for the first time. Being at Ideal has given her a lot of confidence that she never thought she would ever get.

Ideal have one thing to say to Amanda and that is…

Thank you for your hard work and dedication. Not only on behalf of the team at ideal but Dennis and Jenny Dring, Richard and Jenny Taylor and of course David Dring!

Amanda’s Quick Fire Questions

Question 1: Texting or Talking?
To which she replied to as: “Talking/Calling”.

Question 2: Favourite day of the week?
To which she replied to as: “Monday”.

Question 3: Would you rather be able to speak every language in the world or be able to talk to animals?
To which she replied to as: “I would rather speak every language so that when I’m walking past people who are speaking a different language, I can understand what they are saying”.

Question 4: Favourite holiday abroad and in the uk?
To which she replied to as: “Abroad would be Greece and, in the UK, would be Bournemouth”.

Question 5: Scale of 1-10 how good of a driver are you?
To which she replied to as: “I would say 6”.

Question 6: At what age would you like to retire?

To which she replied to as: “Until my body tells me, and I can no longer physically work”.

Question 7: Invisibility or Super Strength?
To which she replied to as: “Super Strength”.

Question 8: Favourite ice cream flavour?
To which She replied to as: “Strawberry”.

Question 9: Do you believe in Fate?
To which she replied to as: “Yeah to some extent”.

Question 10: Favourite number?
To which She replied to as: “3 & 8 I don’t know why but when I think of a number 3 and 8 come up”.

Question 11: Who has it easier – Men or Women?
To which She replied to as: “I’m going to have to say Women 100%”.

Question 12: What does a person need to be happy
To which She replied to as: “a good and healthy family”.

Question 13: What’s the best age?
To which She replied to as: “18”.

Question 14: Big dogs or small dogs?
To which She replied to as: “None”.

Question 15: Giving presents or getting presents?
To which She replied to as: “None I hate the attention being on me”.

1. “My way or no way” – If you are coming to ask me for some advice or help do it my way or find your own way with independence

As a whole Amanda loves working with Ideal, she has been with ideal for 25 brilliant years! Amanda has seen many changes to the business, and we are looking forward to seeing what the future at Ideal holds for Amanda!