Post Halloween Clean

Halloween, that time of year where it is okay to go around scaring each other and it’s all normal. The time of year where you can dress up and not get looked at funny! And the time of year when if you don’t give a treat you may receive a trick… However, more importantly, it’s time for the post Halloween clean! So, here are some tips and tricks on how to deal with the smashed pumpkins, the left-over food and the drooping decorations.


Who’s going to tidy this up?

It’s the day after the night before, too many sweets and toffee apples some my say. There is always a mess left from a party which is always going to be dreaded but needs to be sorted! Our first tip here is start at the top and work down, this will allow you to ease yourself into the work removing a cobweb from here and there. It also will not matter if you drop something as the floor is yet to be cleaned.

The floor is normally the biggest and hardest task; all the food, dropped by guests, that knocked over plant which has left soil all over the floor and then that mystery thing you don’t quite want to know what it is but it needs to GO! For carpets you will need to us a dabbing motion on stains! DON’T RUB! This can result is spreading, last thing you want on your cream carpet is a big brown stain where the chocolate has been scrubbed in. Ensure you use a cold water as hot water can damage carpets, and a clean cloth! (We recommend Microfiber).

EXTRA TIP: Why try using the freezing method on stuck pieces of food? Freeze with ice then scrap off to remove easily from carpet and hard floors.

Messy After Party

Messy After Party

I ain’t afraid of no ghost

Those meddling kids! They think its funny to mess up your hard worked on pumpkin. To be fair, we don’t know if it’s kids or teens and shouldn’t assume. The vandals who have thrown toilet paper all over the house and smashed your decorations will not have the last laugh this time!

Firstly that toilet paper, get rid of that ASAP (As Soon As Possible). The last thing you want is to wait until the morning and let it get wet from morning dew because after it is wet it can become twice as hard to remove! The best thing for this situation is a leaf blower, you will be amazed how easily the paper becomes unravelled, this will make it easy to pick up and collect.

The next thing is the Pumpkins, someone was obviously extremely jealous of your amazing design so don’t feel too bad as it must mean you are an amazing artist! Or at least tell yourself that to help with the pain. This is easy but be careful ’cause the seeds get EVERYWHERE! Use a dust pan and bush and scrap what’s left of your pumpkin into the bin. Try not to move it around too much as it will make the job a lot harder.

EXTRA TIP: IF you have been egged, don’t worry. Hose it down, make sure you don’t scrub the shells as it may damage the paintwork. Once all the big bits are removed, scrub all the final bits off. Jobs done!

Spooky Ghost

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