The Adecco Group awarded Ideal Cleaning Services a national contract to provide Daily Office Cleaning Services, in October 2015. We provide Office Cleaning and Washroom Services at 161 locations across England and Wales.

The Contract

From the start, the TUPE information provided by the out-going company was very poor, as well as inaccurate and incomplete. Ideal’s robust implementation plan and transfer policies ensured a smooth transition and enabled an immediate improvement in standards.

Adecco Group are a multi-branded organisation and are present in most city and town centres. Their business strategy requires rapid and flexible response to changes in demand. This has meant that the number of new sites opening, site relocations and site/brand consolidations, has been significant in the first 9 months of the contract with over 20% of the locations having some change to scope, amendment or move.

Ideal has accommodated these changes without any issues or disruption to the client’s core responsibilities. Key to our approach was to establish a dedicated help desk function. All communication, issues and amendments come through to this central point from the clients’ head office. This enables us to co-ordinate our operational response and to log and track all contract amendments centrally. Master records are up-dated in real time and the information is accessible to both our finance department and Adecco for reconciliation prior to invoicing.

The use of this dedicated help desk has enabled Ideal to respond much quicker as well as more effectivly to Adecco Group’s ever-changing requirements. We can be pro-active in providing Adecco with early solutions and allowing them to be more flexible in meeting the demands of their market places.

Adecco’s legacy concern was poor quality and insufficient service data. They were not able to effectively track the services being provided or the standards being achieved across their estate Adecco. Therefore, not in effective control of a considerable volume of spend and could not control budgets and costs.

Ideals Introduction

We immediately introduced our reporting dashboard. Hence giving the client team a complete agency in the service and enabled joint initiatives to improve service levels. Ideal reviewed service levels for routine cleaning across all sites and within 3 months introduced significant cost savings on many sites. Ideal also standardised window cleaning frequencies to reduce costs by 25%.

Customer satisfaction has significantly increased through greater transparency and collaborative working. Over the first year of the contract 99.6% of Monthly Audits have recorded a ‘Satisfactory’ or above score and the number of sites recording an ‘Excellent’ rating have risen to almost 75%. As a result after one week since work start, we brought it back up to high standards.

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