For Derwent Living, Ideal have provided cleaning services at over 140 different scheme sites. This is including affordable housing schemes, rented schemes including social, try before you buy, and part ownership schemes. Cleaning services have also been provided on several differing specialist housing schemes for:

  • NHS staff
  • Special needs
  • Frail elderly people
  • Asian elders
  • Vulnerable women with children
  • Large scale student accommodation sites.

We conduct void cleans for Derwent Living on student accommodation and rental properties. We also conducted student accommodation cleaning on over 9 large sites encompassing a total of over 3,500 bed spaces. Very high and exact standards are ensured when completing these works. However, with flexibility to allow the accommodation of differing occupational terms and on-going maintenance works. With residential voids we have experience in introducing new procedures in the scheduling and cleaning of voids as well as abandoned properties. From experiences like this it has led to improvements in standards.

We began operating a help desk facility for this contract which actively encouraged customer feedback by way of attending residents meetings and issuing customer satisfaction cards. We found that by attending residents meetings we’re therefore able to receive and give direct feedback to the ‘end users’ of the cleaning service. This Means we are experts in managing service effectively on Derwent Living’s behalf.

In relation to issues raised we could target the service more responsively and efficiently. Therefore, lending direct support to the Derwent Living Management Team.

“They (Ideal) are committed to a ‘Customer First’ philosophy and work collaboratively with our tenants/staff and build good relationships. Ideal’s contract administration, compliance and response times are exceptional. The service we receive demonstrates value for money.”
The Partnership Manager at Derwent Living.

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