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Cheryl’s Life at Ideal

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Who is Cheryl Clarke from Ideal?

Cheryl is a big part of the Ideal community here at Nottingham and a big part of the team of cleaners at QMC. She is a person who loves to help people out.

Operations at Lubrizol:

Cheryl Joined Lubrizol as an operations starter on behalf of Ideal on the 22nd of March 2018. She then moved to join Ideal head office on the 21st of June 2021. She worked at Ideal head office as a supervisor for 2 years and then on the 1st of April 2022 she moved to work at QMC hospital as a manager. Cheryl has been with the company for 6 years and has built strong relationships with every member of staff along the way.


Cheryl’s time as a supervisor was one of the most complex and stressful jobs. Her first day at the job was quite daunting and scary and she had never done a job like this before. However, once she settled in she started to enjoy her role and enjoyed her day-to-day responsibilities.

Domestics Services Manager at QMC:

Her time as a Domestic Services Manager was once again daunting and scary as she knew that her new place of work was a big site. Once she started to settle in and get used to the new working environment she fell in love with her job!

In the 1 year of working at QMC Cheryl and the team have Implemented many changes such as:

Curtain changes for infections – Curtains to get changed regular to decrease the rate of infections.

Staff settling – They will ensure that new cleaners and current cleaners are satisfied.

Cheryl’s biggest achievement is being promoted from a Supervisor to a Domestic Supervisor Manager and moving to QMC Hospital

Cheryl is a big enthusiast when it comes to social value, she loves to take part in events and charities that Ideal are hosting. For example, Cheryl took part in “Walk 100 Miles Challenge in which she managed to raise a whooping £300 for Cancer Research.

Cheryl will also be taking part in the 5k Run/Walk in July alongside some others from Ideal and will also be participating in Pretty Muddy both in favour of Cancer research!

If you would like to donate towards Cheryl or other members of staff for the Pretty muddy then click here.

To end this blog, we asked Cheryl several quick-fire questions and these were her answers:

Question 1: Coffee or Tea?
To which Cheryl replied to as: “Tea”.

Question 2: Morning bird or Night owl?
To which Cheryl replied to as: “Middle of the day”.

Question 3: Dogs or Cats?
To which Cheryl replied to as: “Dog”.

Question 4: Favourite snack during work?
To which Cheryl replied to as: “Fruit”.

Question 5: Calling or Text?
To which Cheryl replied to as: “Calling, I prefer to talk over message”.

Question 6: Online or In person meetings?

To which Cheryl replied to as: “In person meetings”.

Question 7: Favourite app on the phone?
To which Cheryl replied to as: “AMAZON”.

Question 8: Multitasking or Single tasking?
To which Cheryl replied to as: “I can do both so, I don’t mind doing either”.

Question 9: Instagram or Twitter?
To which Cheryl replied to as: “Neither! I rarely go on social media but if I had to choose it would be Facebook”.

Question 10: Favourite city you have visited?
To which Cheryl replied to as: “York, I like the buildings and out of the UK I would say Rome”.

Question 11: Costa or Starbucks?
To which Cheryl replied to as: “I used to say Starbucks but now I would say Costa”.

Question 12: If you could master one skill what would it be?
To which Cheryl replied to as: “if it was in work, I would say to master the computers and out of work I would say to find more time to exercise”.

Question 13: Dinner with anyone dead or alive who would it be?
To which Cheryl replied to as: “My Dad”.

Question 14: Uk break or abroad?
To which Cheryl replied to as: “I usually go abroad but I don’t mind the UK”.

We also asked Cheryl what her words of wisdom were for each of her job roles.


“Ask Questions” – If you don’t know something don’t be afraid to ask someone will always help you


“Always listen to your staff, have time for them” – your staff need you sometimes, they may not show it but having time for your staff will mean a lot to them.

Domestics Services Manager:

“Take a step back don’t rush” – Don’t rush to take over something all in one go you have to take a step back, get yourself comfortable and let the people come to you.

As a whole Cheryl loves working with Ideal, she’s never had any problems, has made many great friendships and has loved the support from the management team. 

cleaning hack

5 Office Cleaning Hacks You Can’t Live Without

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Let’s face it, life is short, therefore we want to utilise what time we have to ensure that we live life to the fullest! See the guy in the image above? he doesn’t spend hours on his house chores, so why should you? How about instead, you try these awesome cleaning hacks that are listed below!


We all like to snack at our desks; biscuits, crisps and chocolate. What do all of these leave? Crumbs. A select few of us would either leave the crumbs there, or sweep them onto the carpet. Instead, get a sticky note or some tape and start dabbing it onto the crumbs, This should effectively get rid of them!

Watch out for those crumbs! But it sure does look good

Wipe on, roll off

DUST! It’s everywhere, it’s created on the daily and there is no place it doesn’t settle. Places like light fixtures and lamps are one of the most common places for dust to gather and be in sight. Some tips recommend using a wipe or dry cloth but this doesn’t always work. However, if you use a sticky cloth roller it can gather the dust and easily remove it from the object. Works EVERY time.

Sick of them table top marks?

In my opinion, this is a life saver. It works with tea, coffee and water marks. If wipes are not working we suggest you try using a hair dryer to make the stains easier to remove. This will allows you to wipe the marks off, however then further add protection for next time; use olive oil so the table looks refreshed and new!

Grease and burnt bits just wont go away!

We all have that pan/tray that we either leave till last or don’t use because we know how much of a pain it’s going to be to scrub that burnt on food off. Even worse when the rough side of the sponge just wont do the job! No worries, if you create a tin-foil ball it will work as a tougher scrubber and make the job easier for you.

Toothpaste isn’t just for teeth

I’m sure you have heard of some of the magical things that you can use toothpaste for. One example is it can be used to repair scratched CD/DVD’s by getting a small amount on a cloth it can help repair minor scratches. However, this isn’t the tip we are here to tell you about!

Did you know, you can also use it to rejuvenate beat up trainers, adding it to the material can give the outside of the show a new lease of life.