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5 Facts about Ideal Coronation version!

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Ideal was founded in 1946 8 years before Queen Elizabeth’s coronation by George Newell as a chimney sweeping company the first to utilise vacuums for such operations. The company prospered and developed the Brush-Vac system into the “Movac” dry waste extraction system.

We remain a family-owned business today, with the fourth generation on board. We operate and conduct our business in an ethical and transparent way and focus on the support and development of our staff.

Ideal’s approach is to ensure we manage the required services for and on behalf of our clients, providing value for money and improved services.

In the lead to the king’s coronation this weekend, here are some interesting facts about Ideal:

🔴 His Majesty was born on the 14th of November 1948 which was also the year that Ideal Cleaning Services celebrated their 2nd birthday.


⚪ In 1951 before Queen Elizabeth II’s accession to throne. Ideal Cleaning Services became incorporated from Ideal Chimney Sweeping to Ideal Cleaning Services LTD


🔵 The year 1969 saw the investiture of Charles as the Prince of Wales and the appointment of Dennis Dring to Managing Director of Ideal Cleaning Services Limited.


🔴 Ideal celebrated their 65th anniversary in 2011 the same year that Charles celebrated the marriage of his first son Prince William.


🔵 Not only does His Majesty take on the throne in May, Ideal also had a cause to celebrate as the company turned 77!

Now under the stewardship of Managing Director Christopher Dring, Ideal’s story continues.

Ideal is adopting new technologies, such as digital Time and Attendance and Work Scheduling systems and new robotic cleaning equipment, to make our service ever more efficient and cost effective.

The sales and marketing team have been expanded and the programme for growth, both in terms of new and organic sales, as well as a planned expansion of services is progressing well.

Our aim is to deliver continually improving levels of service for our clients and to provide a bright future for the company and our staff.

We look forward to celebrating the next mile stone.

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