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June 2023

Life at Ideal – Carla Hollely

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Who is Carla Hollely:

Carla is a huge part of the Ideal community here at Nottingham. She plays a big role in the sales department. Carla is a hardworking and jolly person who is willing to help anyone around her out.

Before Carla started at Ideal, Carla had been in numerous different job roles such as:

Mansfield 103.2 (Sales Executive):

Carla Joined Radio station Mansfield 103.2 as a Sales Executive in Jan 2008. Carla loved working at 103.2. From the get-go Carla was able to get her head around sales and was able to work independently from her second day. She loved her day-to-day responsibilities, made many friends, and loved coming to work.

Bannatyne Health Club (Sales and Marketing Manager):

In 2014 Carla joined Bannatynes Health Club as a Sales and Marketing Manager it was one of the most stressful jobs that she had ever had. Her first day at the job was quite scary and full on however Carla knew that being a manager was never going to be easy and straight forward. Carla gave it her all and become great at her job and managed to help increase sales and revenue to the business, she even met a few celebrities along the way.

Estate agent at Whitegates:

Her time as an Estate agent was fun to say the least. Carla was a bit nervous when she joined the business as it was a completely different role to what she had worked in before. However, once she started to settle in and get used to the new working environment she fell in love with her job!

Area Supervisor at Ideal:

Her time as an estate agent started to fizz out as Carla wanted to work in a different sector and department so in 2021, she joined Ideal Cleaning as a Area Supervisor. Carla began working as an Area Supervisor for the Leeds office and then later moved to the Nottingham head office.

Sales Executive at Ideal:

In January 2023 Carla moved departments and joined the sales department and has since been working as a sales executive.

Carla’s biggest achievement is being able to bring in new clients on a weekly basis for the company.  

 To end this blog, we asked Carla several quick-fire questions and these were her answers:

Question 1: Coffee or Tea?
To which she replied to as: “Tea”.

Question 2: Morning bird or Night owl?
To which she replied to as: “Morning bird”.

Question 3: If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
To which she replied to as: “I’d like to be invisible for the day”.

Question 4: Favourite snack during work?
To which she replied to as: “Walkers ready salted crisps”.

Question 5: Calling or Texting?
To which she replied to as: “Texting, that way you can multitask”.

Question 6: Online or In person meetings?

To which she replied to as: “In person meetings”.

Question 7: Favourite app on the phone?
To which she replied to as: “Tinder”.

Question 8: Favourite emoji?
To which she replied to as:“The smiley face one”.

Question 9: Favourite film?
To which she replied to as: “The Holiday”.

Question 10: Favourite city you have visited?
To which she replied to as: “Amsterdam”.

Question 11: Pizza or sushi?
To which she replied to as: “Pizza always”.

Question 12: If you could master one skill what would it be?
To which she replied to as: “To be able to get more clients”.

Question 13: Dinner with anyone dead or alive who would it be?
To which she replied to as: “Elvis Presley”.

Question 14: What’s one fun fact about you that your colleagues may not know?
To which she replied to as: “I can whistle really loud”.

We also asked Carla what her words of wisdom were that she’s learnt from all her jobs.

1. “Be confident but not too confident” – Go into your new job with confidence

2. “Do not give up” – There will come times when you can’t do something, and you won’t achieve the outcome DO NOT GIVE UP! Keep on pushing.

As a whole Carla loves working with Ideal, Carla has been with ideal for 3 years and has made many friends and memories!

Unveiling the Ideal Environment: A Galactic Leap in Cleaning Services (TimeGate)

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We’re thrilled to share how our cutting-edge TimeGate system has revolutionized our operations, enabling us to provide an unmatched level of service to our valued customers. Buckle up as we take you on a journey into the future of cleaning!

The Ideal Situation:

Imagine a world where your cleaning is done and managed for you. The tasks are effortlessly streamlined, schedules are flawlessly managed and satisfaction is soaring. Enter into the Ideal Environment, our superhero system works along with TimeGate to transform the way we operate. It’s the ultimate cleaning sidekick, empowering us to deliver top-notch service like never before.

Effortless Scheduling:

Gone are the days of juggling complex calendars and endless paper trails. With our new strategy, our scheduling process has become a breeze. We can efficiently manage tasks, assign them to our expert operatives and ensure that each unique requirement is met with precision.

Real-Time Tracking:

Thanks to TimeGate’s advanced tracking capabilities, we have complete visibility into our cleaning operations. We can monitor the progress of our team members while they are on site, ensuring that tasks are completed on time and to the highest standards. Real-time updates keep us informed, allowing us to promptly address any unexpected changes or issues. Our customers deserve nothing less than the best transparency and reliability with their service!

Customized Cleaning Plans:

One size does not fit all, especially in the world of cleaning, the variations in clean types as well as industries that we services is vast. TimeGate has helped to empower us in creating customised cleaning plans for each client. With its flexible features, we can tailor our services to meet the specific needs, preferences and schedules. This could be from your daily maintenance all the way to deep cleaning sessions. We ensure our customers experience a level of personalization that surpasses their expectations.

Enhanced Communication:

Communication is key and TimeGate serves as our communication hub. Through its intuitive messaging system, we maintain constant contact with our customers. We can share updates, address concerns and receive valuable feedback. Which allows us to continuously improve our services. It’s a game-changer in establishing strong, long-lasting relationships with our esteemed list of clients.

Data-Driven Excellence:

TimeGate is not only a facilitator of our day-to-day operations but also holds valuable data. We can analyse performance metrics, identify trends and make data-driven decisions to further enhance our services and therefore your clean! It’s like having a crystal ball that guides us towards continuous improvement and unparalleled customer satisfaction.

In the realm of cleaning services, our new management system has elevated us to new heights of efficiency, organisation and customer-centricity. It’s the secret behind our success, ensuring that our customers receive nothing short of exceptional service with every visit. With TimeGate as our ally, we’re taking the cleaning industry by storm, setting new standards and redefining what it means to deliver a sparkling-clean experience.

Join us on this exciting journey as we continue to harness the power of TimeGate and make your satisfaction our top priority. Together, let’s embrace the future of cleaning services!

Futuristic Cleaning

AI and Cleaning Services – An Unlikely Pair?

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What do you think of when we say Artificial Intelligence?

AI and Cleaning Services – An Unlikely Pair?

When we talk about AI, images of autonomous cars navigating bustling city streets, voice assistants like Siri and Alexa simplifying our day-to-day tasks, or sophisticated robots assembling intricate machinery on a production line often come to mind. These applications of AI have become increasingly ingrained in our modern lives. At first glance, the association may seem unusual, if not unlikely. After all, cleaning services have traditionally been seen as manual, labour-intensive and highly dependent on human judgment and skill.

The Power of AI in Cleaning

We can streamline our operations in numerous ways, enhancing efficiency, safety, and satisfaction.

Automated Scheduling: AI helps us provide more flexible and accurate scheduling. Our AI system analyses booking patterns, job duration, and travel time between locations to optimize our scheduling. It reduces overlaps and unnecessary downtime, ensuring our teams can serve more clients effectively each day.

AI generated, scheduling board

Smart Cleaning Devices: Thanks to AI, our cleaning tools have gotten a major upgrade. Robotic vacuums with AI can now map out the entire house, remember the layout, and automatically avoid obstacles. This not only makes the process faster and more efficient but also allows our staff to focus on tasks that require a human touch.

AI generated, robots in neon art style

Predictive Maintenance: AI also helps in monitoring the health of our equipment. By predicting potential malfunctions before they occur, we can prevent inconvenient breakdowns during cleaning jobs. This ensures our service is never compromised and your space gets the thorough clean it deserves.

AI generated child with robot

Personalized Services: Every office is unique and we can respect that individuality. By analysing data and feedback from our clients, AI helps us understand your specific needs and preferences better. This allows us to customize our services for each client, ensuring maximum satisfaction.

AI generated image of a warm friendly team

The Future of Cleaning

As we continue to integrate AI into our services, we look forward to further advancements. Soon, we anticipate the use of AI in optimising inventory management, enhancing employee training, and even predicting future cleaning needs of our clients based on past trends.

In the world of cleaning, we’re just scratching the surface of AI’s potential. At Ideal, we’re committed to harnessing this exciting technology to serve you better, making your experience smoother, and your environment cleaner. With AI on our side, we’re not just cleaning – we’re revolutionizing cleanliness.

Stay tuned to our blog to keep up with the latest advancements in our cleaning services, and as always, feel free to reach out with any questions or comments. Here’s to a cleaner, smarter future!



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I.D.E.A.L – What does it stand for

At Ideal we provide the full range of Quality Routine Office and Commercial Cleaning Services to ensure your premises are clean, hygienic, and as safe as possible for your staff and visitors. You may ask, what does i.d.e.a.l stand for?

Ideal isn’t just a name, each letter from our name stand for 5 different things which will ensure that your cleaning service is top notch:

I is for Innovation

Whether it’s new cleaning techniques or solutions, robotic cleaning machines or our Digital Time, Attendance and Lone Worker protection, at Ideal we are always looking for ways to continually improve our offering.

D is for Dedication

Ideals Cleaning Operatives, Management Team and Directors are all dedicated to providing an excellent service to our customers. All contracts have a dedicated Area Supervisor, to support our staff and to perform quality audits each month.

E is for the Environment

We have a specially selected and controlled range of cleaning solutions ensure that their use and application have a minimal environmental impact. Ideal has an ISO 14001 accredited Environmental Management System and environmental protection is one of our basic commitments together with the quality of the products and systems used on site.

A is for Audits

Each site and individual operative are visited each month and the quality of their work and their compliance with the specification is audited and given a score between 1 and 5. These audits are recorded digitally, using the smart phone application, and stored on our cloud-based system. Joint audits are also performed, so that a client satisfaction score can be recorded.

L is for Long Term

Ideal has been around since 1946 and the fourth generation of the family are now at the helm. During that time, we have enjoyed many long-term working relationships, with several contracts lasting over 20 years. Our aim is to continue to build these long-term relationships with clients, working in partnership, to deliver a quality value for money service. Fully managing the cleaning service on our client’s behalf, so that they can concentrate on what they do best.

Ideal are proud to be labelled a family business, now with its fourth generation on board, Ideal has a history of innovation and setting the highest standards.

Our clear objective is to fully manage the services for and on behalf of our clients.

Thank you for reading our blog “What does i.d.e.a.l stand for”. If you wish to find out more about Ideal Cleaning Services Limited visit our website

Or you can contact us directly via email

Cheryl’s Life at Ideal

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Who is Cheryl Clarke from Ideal?

Cheryl is a big part of the Ideal community here at Nottingham and a big part of the team of cleaners at QMC. She is a person who loves to help people out.

Operations at Lubrizol:

Cheryl Joined Lubrizol as an operations starter on behalf of Ideal on the 22nd of March 2018. She then moved to join Ideal head office on the 21st of June 2021. She worked at Ideal head office as a supervisor for 2 years and then on the 1st of April 2022 she moved to work at QMC hospital as a manager. Cheryl has been with the company for 6 years and has built strong relationships with every member of staff along the way.


Cheryl’s time as a supervisor was one of the most complex and stressful jobs. Her first day at the job was quite daunting and scary and she had never done a job like this before. However, once she settled in she started to enjoy her role and enjoyed her day-to-day responsibilities.

Domestics Services Manager at QMC:

Her time as a Domestic Services Manager was once again daunting and scary as she knew that her new place of work was a big site. Once she started to settle in and get used to the new working environment she fell in love with her job!

In the 1 year of working at QMC Cheryl and the team have Implemented many changes such as:

Curtain changes for infections – Curtains to get changed regular to decrease the rate of infections.

Staff settling – They will ensure that new cleaners and current cleaners are satisfied.

Cheryl’s biggest achievement is being promoted from a Supervisor to a Domestic Supervisor Manager and moving to QMC Hospital

Cheryl is a big enthusiast when it comes to social value, she loves to take part in events and charities that Ideal are hosting. For example, Cheryl took part in “Walk 100 Miles Challenge in which she managed to raise a whooping £300 for Cancer Research.

Cheryl will also be taking part in the 5k Run/Walk in July alongside some others from Ideal and will also be participating in Pretty Muddy both in favour of Cancer research!

If you would like to donate towards Cheryl or other members of staff for the Pretty muddy then click here.

To end this blog, we asked Cheryl several quick-fire questions and these were her answers:

Question 1: Coffee or Tea?
To which Cheryl replied to as: “Tea”.

Question 2: Morning bird or Night owl?
To which Cheryl replied to as: “Middle of the day”.

Question 3: Dogs or Cats?
To which Cheryl replied to as: “Dog”.

Question 4: Favourite snack during work?
To which Cheryl replied to as: “Fruit”.

Question 5: Calling or Text?
To which Cheryl replied to as: “Calling, I prefer to talk over message”.

Question 6: Online or In person meetings?

To which Cheryl replied to as: “In person meetings”.

Question 7: Favourite app on the phone?
To which Cheryl replied to as: “AMAZON”.

Question 8: Multitasking or Single tasking?
To which Cheryl replied to as: “I can do both so, I don’t mind doing either”.

Question 9: Instagram or Twitter?
To which Cheryl replied to as: “Neither! I rarely go on social media but if I had to choose it would be Facebook”.

Question 10: Favourite city you have visited?
To which Cheryl replied to as: “York, I like the buildings and out of the UK I would say Rome”.

Question 11: Costa or Starbucks?
To which Cheryl replied to as: “I used to say Starbucks but now I would say Costa”.

Question 12: If you could master one skill what would it be?
To which Cheryl replied to as: “if it was in work, I would say to master the computers and out of work I would say to find more time to exercise”.

Question 13: Dinner with anyone dead or alive who would it be?
To which Cheryl replied to as: “My Dad”.

Question 14: Uk break or abroad?
To which Cheryl replied to as: “I usually go abroad but I don’t mind the UK”.

We also asked Cheryl what her words of wisdom were for each of her job roles.


“Ask Questions” – If you don’t know something don’t be afraid to ask someone will always help you


“Always listen to your staff, have time for them” – your staff need you sometimes, they may not show it but having time for your staff will mean a lot to them.

Domestics Services Manager:

“Take a step back don’t rush” – Don’t rush to take over something all in one go you have to take a step back, get yourself comfortable and let the people come to you.

As a whole Cheryl loves working with Ideal, she’s never had any problems, has made many great friendships and has loved the support from the management team.