Who is Carla Hollely:

Carla is a huge part of the Ideal community here at Nottingham. She plays a big role in the sales department. Carla is a hardworking and jolly person who is willing to help anyone around her out.

Before Carla started at Ideal, Carla had been in numerous different job roles such as:

Mansfield 103.2 (Sales Executive):

Carla Joined Radio station Mansfield 103.2 as a Sales Executive in Jan 2008. Carla loved working at 103.2. From the get-go Carla was able to get her head around sales and was able to work independently from her second day. She loved her day-to-day responsibilities, made many friends, and loved coming to work.

Bannatyne Health Club (Sales and Marketing Manager):

In 2014 Carla joined Bannatynes Health Club as a Sales and Marketing Manager it was one of the most stressful jobs that she had ever had. Her first day at the job was quite scary and full on however Carla knew that being a manager was never going to be easy and straight forward. Carla gave it her all and become great at her job and managed to help increase sales and revenue to the business, she even met a few celebrities along the way.

Estate agent at Whitegates:

Her time as an Estate agent was fun to say the least. Carla was a bit nervous when she joined the business as it was a completely different role to what she had worked in before. However, once she started to settle in and get used to the new working environment she fell in love with her job!

Area Supervisor at Ideal:

Her time as an estate agent started to fizz out as Carla wanted to work in a different sector and department so in 2021, she joined Ideal Cleaning as a Area Supervisor. Carla began working as an Area Supervisor for the Leeds office and then later moved to the Nottingham head office.

Sales Executive at Ideal:

In January 2023 Carla moved departments and joined the sales department and has since been working as a sales executive.

Carla’s biggest achievement is being able to bring in new clients on a weekly basis for the company.  

 To end this blog, we asked Carla several quick-fire questions and these were her answers:

Question 1: Coffee or Tea?
To which she replied to as: “Tea”.

Question 2: Morning bird or Night owl?
To which she replied to as: “Morning bird”.

Question 3: If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
To which she replied to as: “I’d like to be invisible for the day”.

Question 4: Favourite snack during work?
To which she replied to as: “Walkers ready salted crisps”.

Question 5: Calling or Texting?
To which she replied to as: “Texting, that way you can multitask”.

Question 6: Online or In person meetings?

To which she replied to as: “In person meetings”.

Question 7: Favourite app on the phone?
To which she replied to as: “Tinder”.

Question 8: Favourite emoji?
To which she replied to as:“The smiley face one”.

Question 9: Favourite film?
To which she replied to as: “The Holiday”.

Question 10: Favourite city you have visited?
To which she replied to as: “Amsterdam”.

Question 11: Pizza or sushi?
To which she replied to as: “Pizza always”.

Question 12: If you could master one skill what would it be?
To which she replied to as: “To be able to get more clients”.

Question 13: Dinner with anyone dead or alive who would it be?
To which she replied to as: “Elvis Presley”.

Question 14: What’s one fun fact about you that your colleagues may not know?
To which she replied to as: “I can whistle really loud”.

We also asked Carla what her words of wisdom were that she’s learnt from all her jobs.

1. “Be confident but not too confident” – Go into your new job with confidence

2. “Do not give up” – There will come times when you can’t do something, and you won’t achieve the outcome DO NOT GIVE UP! Keep on pushing.

As a whole Carla loves working with Ideal, Carla has been with ideal for 3 years and has made many friends and memories!

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