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Cristal Pigment are the second largest producer of Titanium Dioxide in the world. Meaning they are based on a site that covers 160 hectares in Stallingborough, Grimsby. The site is a top tier COMAH installation and has strict health and Safety Policies and Procedures in place throughout.

Ideal was awarded the cleaning contract at Cristal in December 2013. After a lengthy tender process that started in the summer of that year. Cristal had made a strategic decision to separate their current full FM contract into standalone services in order. This was to enhance service provision by partnering with providers who were specialists in that particular area.


Firstly, Cristal were looking for a company who would deliver a proactive and auditable cleaning system in-line with their own working practices and site safety systems. This mean’t transferring the 14 current staff in-line with TUPE. Also making detailed changes to the working processes and systems. Cristal thought our proposal, presentation and commitment to the contract was impressive. Hence, the start of the contract. 

Almost immediately, we were asked to transfer and encompass the on-site maintenance team of two individuals, which were not part of the initial tender, such was Cristal’s confidence in our approach and organisation to working schedules.

The inherent issues on site upon taking over the contract was the absence of a quality management system, as no quality audits were conducted and no feedback or ongoing training was being given to the Cleaning Operatives, for that reason it led to complacency within the team. We immediately introduced an assistant to the Site Supervisor to enable the Supervisor to furthermore encompass the changes we had introduced, rather then waiting till after an issue had arose.

Each month, quality audits of every area of the site take place, which we log and discuss at monthly management meetings with our client.

The importance of this contract means our Managing Director, General Manager and Regional Manager attend the monthly management meetings. Discussing all aspects of the site cleaning performance, consequently implementing any changes or suggestions immediately.

Being a contractor on site; we attend weekly Health and Safety meetings to share best practice between Cristal and all other contractors on site. Therefore, keeping our high safety standards.


Cristal have provided positive feedback with the quality management systems we have introduced. The performance data is now available to Cristal management covering the entire cleaning process on site.

The KPI’s that are in place have resulted in superb “quality scores” from Cristal on a continuous basis since the start of the contract.

Ideal’s goal, was to create a solid and progressive relationship, with not only our client but with our newly transferred cleaning team. The subsequent success of the contract is a confirmation of our hard work and dedication to the site.

As a result, Ideal has created a professional and proactive approach to the fluid and challenging requirements of our client. This has led to their confidence in our ability to deal with every situation that arises; and the very real possibility of additional works for our heavy duty cleaning division in the future.

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