First of all, from 2006 until 2014 Ideal worked as a Specialist Subcontractor to MODern Housing Solutions (Prime) Ltd. We provided Office and Common Area cleaning and conducting of void, pre-occupation cleans to service family homes in the Eastern, Western and South Eastern zones of the country. Two years later Ideal took over the London and South West Zones when the incumbent contractor’s business failed. Abandoning the contract. As a result, Ideal responded quickly when asked to step in dealing with the TUPE issues and processes and integrating a substantial workforce in a very short time frame over 2 to 3 days.

Ideal won the full Contract on a National basis in November 2012. Due to the number of house cleans conducted by Ideal which was in excess of 18,000 per annum. The work covered a housing stock of over 45,000 properties. This contract was very complex in its nature and required a robust coordination and administrative structure. Our dedicated central help allowed us to achieve this. It acted as the main communications hub through which all work requests came in. Head Office arranged all our works and delivered them by mobile teams from local branches.

Contract resource were 150 Cleaning Operatives and was managed by 5 Regional Area Managers supported by 12 Regional Supervisors, 8 Administration, Customer Support and Help Desk Staff. Measurement data reporting was provided by Ideal detailing works by type, volumes and region including numbers of Ordered Cleans, Quotations for Pre-Payment Cleans, Aborts and Recalls by Region by Month and YTD.

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