Instagram’s Threads is a text-based conversation app that launched on July 5, 2023. At first glance, the Threads experience is a lot like Twitter. Both platforms offer a feed of text-based posts that allow users to follow what’s going on in the world and start their own conversations.

With up to 500 characters per thread and the ability to add photos, videos, and links, Threads is a great way to communicate with your network and the world at large.

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Ideals strategy for using Threads is:

By using threads Ideal’s strategy is to try spread positivity through comments and threads of our own to remind our staff and our followers about their self-worth and importance to us. We’d also like to remind our staff to make sure that they work with a friendly mentality so that they can come to work and get their jobs done in a positive mindset.

One of our strategies that we achieved was that we managed to get our sales department on LinkedIn to help achieve new leads.

Finally, we would use it to comment on other people’s threads so that we can help build a following.  

How it will help us as a cleaning company:

A few ways that this would help us as a cleaning company is by allowing us to put our cleaning tips on there. Firstly, because it will allow us to showcase our services. Not only will it allow us to showcase our services but it will help us with building a following and help boost our business.

Finally, the big questions… A question that is on everyone’s mind!

Will it be bigger than twitter?

Threads comes with big potential, thanks to its polished tech, built-in user base, and a reputation for better moderation that’s likely to please big-money advertisers.

So, who knows. Maybe in a few years Elon could make Threads the new Twitter.

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