Goose Fair is an annual fair that takes place in Nottingham. It is one of the oldest and largest travelling fairs in Europe, with history of 700 years. The fair traditionally takes place during the first week of October and attracts visitors from all over the UK.

The name “Goose Fair” comes from the fact that, in the past, farmers would bring their geese to the fair to sell. While the selling of geese is no longer a part of the fair, there are still many traditional rides and attractions that have been enjoyed for generations. Some of the most popular rides include the Ferris wheel, the carousel, and the waltzers.

Aside from the rides, Goose Fair also has a wide range of food stalls and games. Visitors can enjoy traditional fair food such as candy floss, toffee apples, and hot dogs. There are also many games to play, such as hook-a-duck and tin can alley.

In recent years, Goose Fair has become a significant event for the city of Nottingham. It is a time when people from all backgrounds come together to enjoy the rides, food, and entertainment on offer, and is a great way to celebrate the rich history and culture of the area.

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